5 Common Makeup Errors To Avoid


5 Common Makeup Errors To Avoid

Throwback to 2013, the makeup fleek game was upcoming and errors were easily forgiven.

Currently, only few errors can be tolerated, because it is believed that the basics of makeup should be understood, surprisingly these errors still occur.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to be a professional makeup artiste, all I am about is, be in charge of your casual makeup game.

5 common makeup errors to avoid below;


This is the most noticeable error, we have seen terrible unsuccessful arcs and commas in place of the proper brow structure. Use the right pencil color for your brow, or use a brow filler, whichever rocks your boat.

In this digital age, you don’t need to understand the casual makeup from a makeup artiste, YouTube is mobile friendly, all you need to do is watch tutorials online on proper ways to draw your brows.

The trick of makeup is if you can successfully make your brows on fleek, every other faults will become less noticeable.


Getting the wrong color tone for the skin color. Most ladies do not use the right shade for their skins and end up looking funny few hours after application. Always have a cosmetologist prescribe the best color shade for your skin.

Blending of applied makeup

Have you seen someone with a fine nice madeup face, then you look at their ears and neck? Not really a nice sight. Never forget to extend and blend your foundation, powder application to your neck and ears. It is the best finishing ever.

Face highlight and contour

This is one is really bad, if you not understand the rules, avoid delving in it. Besides for your everyday look and casual makeup, highlighting or contouring your face is a little too much. If you not a pro, make it your makeup as simply as possible.


If you must blush up you face, understand that there are different color shades of blush, it is not a ONE color fits all kind of thing.

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