5 Popular Nigerians In Need Of Good Sex

5 Popular Nigerians In Need Of Good Sex

The importance of sex in one’s life, whether male or female, cannot be over-emphasized. Sex makes so many things fall in place, physically, emotionally and otherwise. Looking younger, high attractiveness to others, overall healthy glow, high self esteem and absence of depression around you, among others are a handful of what sex can do in the life of human beings.

Looking around, some of our celebrities act in ways even their fans do not understand. While some blame it on the ‘celeb syndrome’, some often think the unusual acts of these top people in the society might be one of their midlife crises. Well, NAIJ.com Gossip‘s Odunayo Adams thinks some of them are based on how sex-starved these celebs are. And here is why we are having top 5 prominent Nigerians who need sex in their life as soon as possible!

1. Toke Makinwa
5 Popular Nigerians In Need Of Good Sex

Aunty Toke needs no introduction. She is an On-Air-Personality (OAP), tv presenter, face model, vlogger, and an Owambe expertise. We love her so much because of her different personalities on Instagram. Great fashion sense, preaches God and has been unstoppable since her marriage to ex-husband, Maje Ayida, hit the rocks last year. Some hours ago, the 31-year-old vlogger posted a bra-less photo of herself, leaving the nipple to the imagination of her followers. Aunty Toke you don pass that level nah… We know foreign celebs do it but we are Nigerians. This does not in anyway bring any gratification. Aunty Toke go and have sex; it works like magic! With sex, you are confident of yourself, only you know who you are dealing with and the respect your fans have for you will still be intact.

2. Kemi Olunloyo

Sister Kemi ought to top this list if I am to number them based on the rate at which they really need sex. If you do not know Kemi Olunloyo, she is the daughter of former Oyo governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo. The controversial social media personality has been involved in so many ridiculous issues on social media that convinced us that sex is really what she needs. Abi, how can you be the one to know that RCCG’s general overseer, Pastor Adeboye is a murderer; Winners Chapel’s founder Bishop Oyedepo, a child molester and that popular Singer, Olamide, visits ritualists? Islam is a terrorist religion, Jide Kosoko killed his wife and also how her own father used rituals on his children (Kemi inclusive) are some of the jaw-dropping revelations aunty Kemi has made in recent times. Aunty Kemi, if cobwebs are growing in that place, you might need to quickly clear it with some good sex just so you can be able to think well and come up with rational stuff.

3. Toyin Aimakhu

Toyin Aimakhu Madam Toyin, ekuse oo! Since the actress’s marriage to Adeniyi Johnson crashed last year, she has been in the news for so many odd reasons. She reportedly started dating socialite, Seun Egbegbe, just about three months after the break up drama with her hubby. After numerous embarrassments, she parted ways with Egbegbe. Just when we thought it was finally over, the actress took to her Instagram page yesterday to address her split with ex-husband, Adeniyi. She also indirectly pointed out that she is willing to go back to him if God says so. Anty, how far nah? Nah good sex you need in your life o! Try it, you will be fine forever, and won’t even think of going back to your former husband.

4. Freeze of CoolFM  

Daddy Freeze has been everywhere on social media, saying what concerns him and what does not, especially since his first marriage crashed. One keeps wondering if the wristwatch-obsessed OAP deliberately gets into unnecessary talks on social media just to be known. He is always putting his mouth where it is not supposed to be, talking about his colleague’s wife, how he went to the market to buy crocodile (abi nah alligator) and several unnecessary mis-yarns. Daddy Freeze, you need better sex, aswear! Your life can never remain the same when you get the kind of sex that will forever turn your life around!

5. Senator Dino Melaye

Big daddy Dino, I hail o! Any Nigerian on social media who does not know Senator Dino Melaye must either be living in another world or have ‘cancer of the eyes and ears’ because he takes the social media by storm, any day, anytime. He got an outstanding mention on this list because of his endless rants about women especially. The self-styled ‘Agba Akin’ threatened to beat and impregnate a fellow senator, Oluremi Tinubu (but later denied ever saying this because she has reached menopause), and then followed up by saying he’d have gone for a sexier Aisha Buhari if he ever wanted to impregnate someone. Well, bookmakers may have their own remedy to the situation, but we feel our ‘distinguished’ senator needs good sex and we’ll hear less of all these rantings. Do you think there’s someone missing on this list?

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