6 Common Fashion Mistakes Nigerian Women Make Daily

Common Fashion Mistakes Nigerian Women Make

Common Fashion Mistakes Nigerian Women Make
If there’s one thing we are all guilty of, it’s making fun of someone who’s horribly dressed but thinks he or she looks really good. In an attempt to look trendy, a lot of women follow the latest fashion blindly. Just because an outfit looks good on a celebrity or your friend doesn’t mean it will look good on you. One fashion mistake and all your effort at looking good is messed up. When we say fashion mistakes, we’re not talking about wearing a dress that could land you on a worst-dressed list. Rather, we’re talking about the subtle, not so obvious mistakes that could wreck your gorgeous look. Below are some common fashion mistakes we easily overlook and should try to avoid in the future.

1. Improper fit:
You can look really bad when you don’t wear clothes that fit right. Your outfit needs to have shape. Don’t try to hide your folds in baggy clothes neither should you try to squeeze into an outfit that’s too small for you. Know your size and stick with it. How it fits is one of the most important aspects of clothing.

2. Visible underwear:
Underwear is just that, underwear. Wearing clothes with pant lines showing is another fashion error women make. Visible bra straps or panty lines can look really tacky. You see a woman gorgeously dressed  and then she walks away and you notice her panty lines. There are so may thongs and seamless undies in the market, why not go for them and avoid making this fashion mistake.

3. White bra or pant on white attire:
When you see a lady wearing white underwear under white attire, you can’t help but feel sorry for her. Sometimes, you wonder if she has no one at home to advise her. White under white looks really noticeable. Resist the urge for white on white unless you want to be noticed.

4. Too much jewelry:
This is one of the worst fashion mistakes out there. Too much jewelry can confuse the eye and can downgrade any look. Several rings, oversized earrings here, stack of bangles there and layers of bead worn with chain necklaces at the same time is just too much unless you want to look like a Christmas tree. You should be the center of attention, not your jewelry.

5. Showing too much:
Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy. Sometimes, less is more. Showing too much is not a guarantee that you will get all the attention. Never show to0o much cleavage or too much skin. Always leave something to the imagination.

6. Wrong shoes:
A size too small, a size too big, is it worth the pain? What’s the point of buying a fly pair of shoes if you can’t walk properly in them? Wearing the wrong shoe size or wrong type of shoe is never good for your feet. If you’re not comfortable walking in heels, go for something you’re accustomed to. It’s better to wear something you’re accustomed to than walking like a toddler learning how to walk. Give it a rest ladies.

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