Audio|Video: Ed iZycs ft. Godwyn Guitar – SMILE

Ed iZycs ft. Godwyn Guitar

Ed iZycs ft. Godwyn Guitar

This is beautiful!

Ed iZycs (Nigeria’s international Jazz sensation) who is also a Producer and a Video Director, harmoniously teams up with guitarist of the moment Godwyn Guitar (internet sensation who was discovered by Don Jazzy due to his wonderful percussive guitar execution) to bring a beautiful and sweet symphony of their respective instruments.

The video, produced and directed by Eddie iZycs potrays a story where the character cuts across the evolution of a boy from infancy to childhood and the journey inbetween. The picture based story telling is laid side by side with simple, yet exquisite motion pictures in grey scale. ‘Smile‘ was produced and mastered by EDD iZycs.




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