Bridesmaid Drinks To Death At Wedding

Bridesmaid Drinks To Death

Bridesmaid Drinks To Death

A 28-year-old bridesmaid has died after she was pressured by men at her table to drink heavy liquor.

The woman died at Wenchang City People’s Hospital after choking on her own vomit, reports the People’s Daily Online.

She had been drinking at a wedding on September 11 when the men on her table asked her to drink Baijiu, a hard liquor which is around 40 to 60 percent alcohol.

In the footage, the men at the table can be seen smiling and looking at the woman surnamed Yang as she drinks a large glass of the liquor in one.

Another man can be seen beside her drinking the liquor from a glass.

The video then cuts to the woman stumbling on the floor of the wedding venue before being pushed along on a trolley.

The men have to hold her and carry her as she is unable to walk.

They can be seen laughing as they struggle to carry her.

According to doctors at the hospital, the woman was already unconscious and wasn’t breathing.

After 40 minutes, she was pronounced dead with the cause of death described as alcohol poisoning leading to vomit blocking the airway.

Police reports say that the woman was a maid of honour during the wedding and drunk a lot of Baijiu that day.

At a Chinese wedding, the best man and bridesmaid are responsible for drinking the alcohol whenever guests toast the bride and groom.

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