My Career Ended In 2013 – Byrmo Rants

My Career Ended In 2013 – Byrmo Rants
My Career Ended In 2013 - Byrmo Rants
Byrmo who recently dropped a video online to his single titled “Something good is happening” seems to have reched a conclusion that his music career is over not just now but since 2013. What was significant about 2013 wss that that was when his brouhaha with chocolate city stated.

Brymo might have subconsciously called time on his music career as he declares that his ‘career ended in 2013‘ in a recent Twitter spat which stemmed from his declaration that ‘black man likes to suffer’.

This was after a fan had warned him to tread a more careful path in baring his thoughts so as not to jeopardize his flailing music ambition.

‘You have really been tweeting recklessly these days. Don’t tear your ‘almost done’ career with yo miserable bare hands. Diot,’ the Twitter user wrote at Brymo.

‘My career ended in 2013, arindin!!!!’ Brymo retorted.

Admittedly, Brymo’s career has truly been one of mixed feelings as he is yet to replicate his undeniable talent with rewarding success.

Despite his legal travails with former record label, Chocolate City in 2013, the soulful singer has found acceptance amongst a dedicated fan base nonetheless, with critics even warming to his music and rating him highly.

Five critically acclaimed albums (Brymstone – 2007, The Son Of a Kapenta – 2012, Merchants, Dealers & Slaves – 2013, Tabula Rasa – 2014 and Klĭtôrĭs – 2016) are enough to have put him in the ranks of A-list artistes in the country but he continues to flounder amongst his colleagues.

Maybe Brymo’s declaration – or frustration – is just an emphasis on the power a major label wields and the impact of its backing of exceptional talents.

Sorry Brymo, your career isn’t dead… You are only a victim of the ruthless music business.

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