How The Case Between Skales And Baseline Music Was Resolved

How The Case Between Skales And Baseline Music Was Resolved

How The Case Between Skales And Baseline Music Was Resolved

The Skales saga is sorted out. The accusations which started a year ago, and reached its height last week when Skales and his manager were taken to the Police station has been resolved. The duo who have been accused of defrauding Baseline Music have been split, with Skales remaining with the label which he has contract obligations. His manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe, has been parted from him, and he is currently signed up with another agency, Upfront and Personal, who would manage his bookings.
Skales’ relationship with Osagie Osarenkhoe stretches many years. The pair have always been together with Osagie who has a long history in the music scene. The pair met in 2009, with Skales ‘begging’ her to sign him.

“I met Osagie in 2009. I used to go to KnightHouse Studio back then when I wanted to record my first single. She saw me rapping and asked me to give her my number. We started talking, she hooked me up with stuff and helped out but she wasn’t managing me, so I begged her to manage me but she was busy with Kel and Wizkid at the time” Skales told online publication NET.

“I think I went to perform somewhere else again then, Banky W, Segun Demuren, saw me and they were like ‘Who is this dude, we just keep seeing him, who is he with?’ They became interested and began making enquiries about me, I went to another show where Banky performed, I killed it but nobody knew who I was, they don’t even know my name. It was only Wizkid who knew me because we met at KnightHouse. Wizzy started talking with me and we became cool friends.

“One day I got a text from Wizzy, it read, ‘EME wants to sign you’. I asked him if it was a joke but he said ‘for real’ that I should hit up Osagie. I hit up Osagie and we started working together. It took us like almost six months to negotiate because I was scared, I don’t believe in depending on anybody, I do things myself.”

Osagie engineered the process of getting Skales signed to Banky W’s Empire Mate entertainment, a move which brought Skales into mainstream music. She has been his manager, sticking with him all through his days at the record label, supervising his switch from a rapper and singer, to a pop singer who has turned his back on his Hip-hop origins. When Skales was dropped by EME in 2014, and had no where to call home, Osagie stuck with him, providing guidance and professional aid, until ‘Shake body’ came through, and Baseline with it.

Baseline Music and Osagie don’t have a working relationship anymore. The lady who also manages another Baseline artiste, Aramide, along with others Ketchup, Attitude, GGB Dancers, and others, have been made to sign an undertaking which bars her from continuing her work in the careers of her artistes.

“‘I was made to sign an undertaking that I no longer represent Skales and to refund $2,500 part payment received for a recent booking, which has been made. I hope it all passes and we can all move on with our individual lives. I wish Skales nothing but the best’, she further said.

The allegations of fraud were placed on Osagie’s footstep. Being the business manager of the talents, she oversees all bookings, engagements and the finances of Skales, and so would be the first call for blame. She admits that although she appropriated funds, they were all put into the career of Skales.
‘For the avoidance of all doubts, I didn’t steal from Baseline. There has never been, and will never be any basis to conclude that I have been dubious or fraudulent in my dealings with the label. What we have done is to keep our work and lives going on, following inaction from them. Everything I have done, from allowing him sign with the label to date was always in Skales’ interest at the end of the day not for my personal gains,” she told NET.

There’s truth in what she has said. Baseline Music has been a house in disarray over the past year. The label owned by owned by billionaire Kessington Adebutu’s son Segun, fired her managers, Howie T and Dipo Abdul, and with them went the relevant structures and communication systems, and operational know-how. What remained was a house which got very minimum attention, and left their artistes in the wilderness. Saeon, their first signed artiste walked away after being starved of support and artistic freedom. Aramide’s affiliation with the brand became shaky. Even her latest video for ‘Love me’ lacked the label’s logo.

But with this move, not only have they wrongly maligned Osagie’s image, they have also found a way to wrest Skales from her grasp. The singer has an existing contract with them, he cannot seek a termination being that he does not have N5 billion to part with. He has to see out his deal, and move on with his career. Osagie, his long-time friend and partner will no longer be with him.



Skales has currently signed to Paul Okoye’s Upfront and Personal Agency, a house that will handle his bookings and many other. The structure around him has changed, so also has his team. He has a career to pursue, a contract to fulfill, and a continent to conquer. He is still young, at 25 years old, and hopefully, his best days are still ahead of him, in a career that has seen his release only one album, and signed to two record labels. Banky W, his former boss, has refused to wade into the affair. It’s none of his business. Officially.

In this case, there are no winners, losers, victors and the vanquished. All that has happened has been just a big misunderstanding, brought about by a resurgent label. Let’s all move forward. This case is closed, and the Skales have fallen from Osagie’s guiding hand.

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