Cossy Share Makeup Free Pix, She IS Obviously aging Fast

Cossy Share Makeup Free Pix

Cossy Share Makeup Free Pix

Nollywood actress Cossy  Ojiakor has given fans a view of what her face looks like without makeup, and boy is it shocking.

We are so used to seeing her all dolled up that when I saw the picture I had to do a double take. Cossy said her aged looks is as a result of ‘lack of sleep’ due to partying all night. You believe her?

She wrote:

Rounded up.. The REFORMER.. Working for Mr Zeb Ejiro and having Mr Keppy and Ms Bukky help me out with my expressions have opened up more acting opportunity now am shooting back to back…. Haha shooting right now in festac 😁… My face thou… Evidence of partying all night without sleep….. Age me so fast.. It’s like a mirror.. Whatever I feel inside shows outside.

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