Did Davido Buy “Gbagbe Oshi” From General Pype?

Did Davido Buy “Gbagbe Oshi” From General Pype?

We’ve either seen or heard cases when a song from one musician bears too much semblance or qualities of another song or style from a totally different musician right? Not all of such cases may be plagiarism but this recent divergence of Davido from his usual music style that we all know and have come to accept has our hairs raised and on closer inspection, opened our eyes to see that the raggae styled song ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ may have been written by General PYPE.

Gbagbe Oshi

Davido‘s brand new single after his signings with Sony Music, ‘Gbagbe Oshi‘ has enjoyed major airplay for quite sometime now and while it’s no doubt a hit, it’s deviation from the Singers usual style that made him famous has led us to investigate the root of this divergence and our findings will blow your mind.

While ‘Gbagbe Oshi‘ may currently be Davido’s song, it may not have been originally and here’s why we say so.

Taken the lyrics from the first verse of the song after the intro, hook and chorus where he goes;

”Me ah the prolific youth, positive entertainer
Call me the Jagaban, son of the gun
Real McCoy, number one, Ichiban
Make-way, make-way, lyri-kill like ah pan
Money speaking, bullshit haffi go
Real bad-boy, certified, me ah wrecker
Step upon stage, me ah burst up the speaker
Jah guide all me friends, and forgive all me haters”

We spot out in the first line that the ”Prolific Youth Positive Entertainer” bit is a well known identity and full form for the acronym of another artist who’s versed in the raggae and dancehall music style, General PYPE. Evidence of this truth can be seen boldly stated on the latter’s Profile Bio on last.fm.

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