Eniola Badmus’ Age Saga: 26 In 2013, 33 In 2016 How?

Eniola Badmus’ Age

Eniola Badmus’ Age

When popular Nollywwod actress Eniola Badmus , celebrated her birthday recently, Wikipedia profile registered her age to be 39.

Eniola Badmus’ Age

But the big and bold actress came out yesterday on Snapchat to set the records straight that she is 33, and not 39 as was widely reported. However, in 2013, she conducted a question and answer session with her fans on Twitter where she answered questions about her personal life, including her age.

During the chat, Gbogbo Bigz Girls, told her fans she was 26 years old, which was in 2013. Logically, that should have made her age to be 29 in 2016, but now she claimed to be 33. As it is now, Eniola , was 26 in 2013, she claimed to be 33 in 2016, instead of 29, and 39 was recorded on her Wiki page then that means the actress didn’t perfect her ‘lines’ very well.

This development has left some of her fans more confused instead of being clarified. See the Twitter chat that revealed Eniola Badmus have been lying about her age since 2013. The internet truly never forgets!





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