Erotic Story: This Is Why People Said She Raped Him

Erotic Story: This Is Why People Said She Raped Him

Erotic Story

Well, sex without consent is rape by law but we’ll let you decide this case.

If you’re looking for wildly fun, lit AF hoe stories, then black American twitter is your best bet.

The above photo is of Reyna, @thenudequeen on twitter, an IDGAF female who takes no shame in calling herself a hoe. She took to her timeline to narrate the story of how she seduced a male friend of hers and people are saying she raped the man.

Her seemingly innocent ‘If I invite a guy over tonight to smoke & watch anime, does that count as him cheating on his girl?’ marked the beginning of her not-so-innocent story that shocked everyone.

‘So basically I have a friend that I’ve known for a while. Always wanted to fuck him, never have because he’s always in a relationship,’ she continued.

She went ahead to state that she respected his relationship, so we’re there like, okay, this shouldn’t be so bad.

‘Dude loves his girl, I respect it. So anyways, he randomly peeps (from my story) that I watch anime & says we should watch it sometime…’

But nope, these hoes won’t let a man enjoy his relationship in peace.

‘I’m like, “Ok cool” (knowing damn well this ima fuck this nigga as soon as we get alone)… anyways days go by & he never actually shows up.’

Well, at least the guy knows to avoid trouble (or that’s what I thought at this point).

‘So I eventually text him tryna figure out why & he says, “I wouldn’t want to disrespect my girl by coming over actually”. What he’s basically implying is “Reyna I know you a hoe – let me stay away” which I take offense to! I am a hoe but damn I can be a friend too.’

Well, if you put it like that it does sound a bit harsh, so the guy eventually gave in, but he let her know straight up that nothing was gonna happen.

‘So he says he’ll come but he’s not fucking me. I’m like ard, respect. Don’t do my makeup, don’t dress up.. he finally comes over. So we’re chillin… watching deadman wonderland, eating food. I even tell him how great it feels to have a guy friend not interested in Sex!

‘I’m feeling so good that I wanna drink & he wants to smoke so we get cross faded. Still chillin. Respecting one another…’

Uh oh, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

“Welp. After my third shot & second blunt, enough is enough. If dude don’t fuck me soon, he gotta go. tf I’m not that good of a friend…”

And that’s how Jezebel was awoken.

‘I try cuddlin on him. He’s like “its too hot for all that” THEN I got butt ass naked & stood in front of him. This mf.. ‘I can’t see the tv’. So now, being naked & lookin dumb af, I’ve run out of options. What to do, what to do. then it hits me…’

This girl was not ready to give up.

‘I’m like, ain’t no nigga boutta ignore me while his dick is in my mouth (lol I’m crazy) so I shoot my shot… literally. I say to him, “You really gonna turn down the best head of your life?” & he’s like “what you mean?” so tired of explaining myself…’

And because action speaks louder than words, she decided to act.

‘I pull his dick out (he doesn’t appear to stop me – so far so good) and I just start sucking. lol maybe he’ll notice me now idk. I’m putting my LIFE into this head stick my tongue between the little slit on the head, suck the balls, shit I even turn upside down!!’

We gotta give it to the guy, he tried to resist (although he could have left a long time ago, but we’ll just pretend he was too high to think properly).

‘So realizing he’s hard af, I stop to look up at him for some reinforcement… THIS NIGGA – “So you done yet?”..I’m like ard I’m out bye Loooooooooool I’m tryna find out what your kids taste like & you ask if I’m done yet? Bye. Get the fuck out my house and never hit me up again.’

And the guy tried to defend himself.

‘So he’s like, “Wtf? Reyna I told you I wouldn’t disrespect my girl like that. Where were you when I was single?!” … I’m like ‘ard whatever’”

Reyna was not giving up that easily though.

‘But I’m a persistent lil hoe. I was like, “ok so you can’t fuck me. But can you still help me cum?” & this is how dumb niggas are….He says “How?” … I say “You can use my toy on me?” He’s like “fine but that’s all” (LMAOOOOOO AS IF HIS GIRL WOULDNT MIND THAT EITHER )’

This guy wants to keep pretending there ain’t nothing wrong with what he’s done so far. Ok.

‘Lol so he takes my little vibrator and starts using it on me I’m pretty geeked inside cause I’m even closer to the dick now, i know it. So I cum & he asks if I’m good now … Realizing he’s dumb at this point, I simply ask if he can stick the tip in before he leaves Lol he says, “nah I didn’t even bring condoms cause I had no intentions of fucking”… then gets up to go home for the night’

But there’s a reason why Reyna is called hoe.

‘Before he puts his shoes on, I ask (off some slick shit) what brand, texture & size condom he’d like. Lmaooo this lil hoe has em ALL Ok so I hand him a magnum & FINALLY after hours of being curved – I start getting fucked! & it’s so lit taken dick is always the best dick’

And this is where things get interesting.

‘So he busts…but the condom breaks and man, he couldn’t even speak words at first but his face said it all. His face said ‘Lord.. if I get this hoe pregnant… I swear ima have to OFF her, the offspring & myself or else my girl gon kill us all’ He literally looked like he was about to CRY. He’s like, are you on the pill? I reply, Yea (no)… & then he starts ventin bout his girl’

So, the guy had done something even worse before and had promised his girl it would never happen again, because he was in love.

‘He said he cheated on his girl before with one of her friends A WHILE ago & vowed to never hurt her again like that cause he had fallen in love (You love her but…nvm) Anyways he was talking about how he really found the one & now felt horrible about the Sex we just had’

Aww. This guy really did have the best girlfriend, at least that’s what he was saying.

‘It can never happen again. Hope it was worth it. I’m not that person. I don’t wanna be that person. She doesn’t deserve that.’ – him’

And so Reyna apologised and promised not to tell a soul. Lol?

‘At this point I feel bad and let him know that I won’t tell a soul (lol @ me tweeting all this). I even go as far as to apologize… Lol, rarely do I apologize for throwing it back but whatever. Anyways he asks, “So you good now?!” … Which he shouldn’t have done’

Reyna wanted more and told him she wouldn’t mind another round but he said it was 2am and he needed to get out of there.

Yep, you guessed right. He somehow managed to get ‘convinced’ into staying and you won’t believe what happened next.

‘lol I don’t remember how it happened but basically I convince him to stay around a bit longer he says ‘You could at least suck my dick rn”

Well duh, Reyna wasn’t saying no to this one.

‘YES PAPI. All I want at this point is to inhale his dick. Idk if he was playing hard to get or really loves his girl… but it was sexy! The head turns into more fucking and I’m just overall happy.. like I know I ain’t shit but damn, he’s really fucking the shit out of me!’

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of round two, this guy heard the voice of God, or maybe his girlfriend’s. Aww. How sweet, right?

‘Somewhere during the 2nd round, he like jumped up, said “I can’t do this” and uh kinda just left my apartment SO w/ that being said…”

Since Reyna is not known for subtlety, in a now-deleted tweet, she called out this guy’s girlfriend and told her she needed to ‘do better‘ since the guy had ‘left me/my pussy without even saying BYE. Fuck him.’

At least she won’t be seducing people’s boyfriends anymore.

‘Learned my lesson though. No more taken niggas. I should’ve left his ass alone. Moral – cheating ain’t worth it yall. All parties take an L, smh.’

Who is really to blame in this situation? Twitter users insist it was rape because there was never consent from the guy.

But let’s be fair, he had always known she wanted sex from him and still chose to go, putting himself in a situation he ‘didn’t want’, but you didn’t hear that from me.

‘Lol he’s gonna try & tell her that I seduced him! But I’ve been asking about his dick size for weeks now & he still chose to come.’

He still felt she deserved an apology from him. Such a gentleman, right?

‘He did apologize for leaving though. He felt bad, as he should cause tf I have feelings too? But idc really… no excuse for leaving midfuck’

But wait, they had been making out before this particular incident?

‘If you don’t count kissing & touching cheating then this was the first time. But I do count it. At least I think it should count?’

Lol. I’m done. I’ll let y’all be judge for yourselves.

But damn! These humans ain’t loyal.

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