Guide To Buying A Refrigerator

Guide To Buying A Refrigerator

Guide To Buying A Refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator is not an everyday common thing, that’s why it is worth taking some time and considering the best options regarding the size, the price, and the convenience. For this, you might need to get familiar with the market, figure out what are your fundamental needs, and learn how to spot the best deal possible. Luckily for you, there best offers for purchasing a refrigerators are on Jiji – the biggest online marketplace in Nigeria. Visit Jiji, look through the options, and make your choice following our guide.

Size And Space


Are you single, are there just two of you, or you are a family of five? In accordance to this feature you should measure the size of the refrigerator you’ll be using. If you and your family members spend the most of your time away from home and you do eat somewhere outside, then a small compact fridge will be enough. Besides that, you should look for the place in your kitchen, where the refrigerator will be and how much space you can dedicate to it.

Choose The Proper Type

When you are done with making a decision of what size a refrigerator you want, let’s proceed with their types that are available on the market. So there are 5 main types, and here’s their key characteristics:

Top-freezer refrigerator:


This type of a fridge is the most common one everyone has grown up with. Its classic look provides with clearance for things like sweets, cakes, pizza, fruits and vegetables. Even though the freezing part might be located too high, so it is difficult to reach for children and shorter adults, this type of refrigerator is the least expensive option.

Bottom-freezer refrigerator:


Together with a different location of the freezer, this type of refrigerator is also features with French doors, in-door ice and cold water dispensers. And the main advantage of this refrigerators’ type is that the products there are easily accessible for any member of your family regardless of their height and it is quite an inexpensive option.

Side-by-side refrigerator:


The main advantage of the side-by-side refrigerator is its compactness, which is important if you’ve got a small-sized kitchen, and its vertical freezer and fresh-food compartments. It is also featured with a convenient design and sometimes even with a small TV.

Built-in refrigerators


Even though the built-in fridges cost more than regular ones, they are to serve you the longest. Another advantage of the built-ins is that they are energy-saving devices, but their installation will cost you some extra expenses.

Compact Or Mini Refrigerators


Compact or mini refrigerators are the best options for the dorm rooms, your office, or a really small kitchen at your home. Some of the models of these refrigerators have only one quarter of the capacity of a regular fridge. But if that is not of a great importance for you, this is the cheapest option available on the market.

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