What You need to know about #DatjoblessboiUnusuals

With the rapid growth in the Nigerian/African Entertainment industry and the effect on the African economy; the increase in the numbers of famous artistry in the African continent, and the need for fans/followers to acknowledge the fact that superstars & Celebrities are human like they are, and also tend to go through what every human go through :    Hence comes “DatjoblessBoi Unusuals”.

“DatjoblessBoi Unusuals” is a monthly exclusive online TV recording content showcasing Celebrities, Superstars, Major Key , top personalities & Fast rising artistry with emphasis and reference to the Nigerian/African Entertainment mainstream sector.

“Datjoblessboi Unusuals”
will feature Singers, Rappers, Music producers, Actors, movie producers, Djs’s, VJ’s, cinematographers, musical video directors, Dancers, choreographer, Models, fashionistas, event planners, MCs, Comedians, Artiste managers, Public relation personnel, music/entertainment/fashion bloggers, music pluggers , the industry creative heads e.t.c.

The Slogan “Music, Fashion, Lights, Camera, Actions” is relating to celebrities, superstars lifestyles, Fame and the paparazzi, while The “Unusuals” which is the keyword is relating to what celebrities and superstars go through behind the scene and private lives  (The things the Fans/Followers rarely see or don’t even see on TV).


This Online TV Content promises to be inspiring, educating , adding values to our modern African community, promotion of African celebrities/superstars in the entertainment industry to the world and also an avenue to foster co-existence/ create relationship between artistry and the people/fans.

The first edition of this project will kick off on the 16th of December, 2016; Each Edition of this production will come up an “Activation Party and this will hosted in different parts of the country and out of coast.

Datjoblessboi Unusuals is Created by Babalola Idowu and its produced by Bragga-City Entertainment.

Follow Us on twitter, Facebook and IG – @Datjoblessboi or visit our website regularly for immediate updates as we unveil our first Celebrity on “Datjoblessboi Unusuals” …. Music!  Fashion! Lights! Camera! Actions and the Unusuals!

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