Nude Pictures Of Donald Trump’s Wife Emerges Online

Nude Pictures Of Donald Trump’s Wife

Nude Pictures Of Donald Trump's Wife

Donald Trump’s Wife, Melanie Trump, a former model, amazed the world few weeks ago when she dropped a carbon copy of of Michelle Obama’s 2009 speech, maybe too much is expected of the model. This week, pictures of her posing naked have filtered through the internet.

The weight which this sort of revelation would have on the chances of Trump becoming the next US president is yet to be measured.

Some racy pictures showing the nude body of the wife of US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, have emerged.

The photos showed Melanie Trump, a former model, pose naked for the camera.

These images, exclusively shared by The Post, was reported to be an aftermath of a picture session with a French magazine.

The Post also revealed that the pictures were taken in Manhattan, New York, in the year 1995, when the ex-model simply bore the name Melania Knauss.

According to Alé de Basse­ville, the photographer who took the naked pictures, Melanie was very comfortable when the pictures were taken.

“Melania was super-great and a fantastic personality and she was very kind with me”, he said.

It remains unseen what the shocking revelation will do to the chances of Donald Trump, who has managed to sustain his bid to become the US president despite many controversies.

God Bless America!

Here are the Nude Pictures Of Donald Trump’s Wife

Melanie-Trump-The-Post Melanie-Trump-2-The-Post Melanie-Trump-3-The-Post

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