Photos: Wooden Car Driven From Bida To Abuja

Wooden Car

Wooden Car

A talented and proud Nigerian who constructed a wooden car has driven it all the way from Niger State to Abuja.

A proud Nigerian man has left many stunned after he drove his wooden car all the way from Niger State to Abuja to take part in the 2016 Abuja Expo.

The happy news was published by Akpodhoma Mike Ajirioghene Mikoko on his Facebook page. He wrote: “This car was made by a man from Bida in Niger state, Nigeria. He drove it all the way from Niger state to the 2016 Expo held in Abuja. Car body is made from local wood.

“How I wish the Emir of Kano will use the 132million naira he used to acquired his new Roll-Royce phantom to establish this young man, the number of beggars (amajiri) in the north will reduce, rate of unemployment will reduce, it will also help to grow our dying naira under Buhari, Nigerian could be smiling towards made in Nigeria convertible cars, finally the blames on previous Presidents will reduce and Buhari govt will have see one meaningful project to use as campaign tool in the years ahead.

“But will they think in such direction, when they have succeeded in killing Innocent automobile company due to the insensitive of the current govt policies?”


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