Quest Fm OAP, Edward Fortune,Cheats Death

Quest Fm OAP, Edward Fortune,Cheats Death

Quest Fm OAP, Edward Fortune, Cheats Death.


26th of June remains a day that would forever remain in the books of the devil as a day he failed another attempt to terminate a life and he got slapped in the face cause for every battle lost, he gets a slap.
This incident took place on Sunday as one of Quest FM 93.1 OAP Edward Fortune who is the
Prince of Quest fm had closed from his night shift the previous day and returned from church service when he got a call from his DJ friend and colleague Dj Barock (BOT of DJs in Ughelli delta state) that they should go down to Ozoro part of delta state which is about 25 mins drive away for some event. He decided to tag along and go in the DJs car. It was raining and he was also in company of another artist Belblac while a convoy car driven by Dj kelvin and his friend was at the back. On returning from Ozoro, the rain was pouring down without mercy. A car was parked in the middle of the road trying to pick up passengers and due to the heavy down pour, the vision wasn’t clear. After applying brakes for several seconds and the car refused to halt, the next he could remember was a very big bang on his head and the car found its way to the left hand side of the road while the convoy car followed suite and hit from behind. The car that was at the center of the road which caused the collusion was displaced to the right hand side of the road which was bushy.

According to his manager Segun,

“They all came out unhurt and no live was lost.”This is coming at at time when the Nigeria entertainment industry and world at large is marred with several death stories and experiences.

“Who am I Lord that you are just so mindful of”? Was what he posted on his facebook  page along with the picture of the car.

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