Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 10

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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She was wearing a t-shirt and no bra as usual and her skirt was short enough to show her knees. She leaned forward to pour me some water and her thigh pressed against mine while her left bossom grazed my arm. With my belly filled and my hunger sated, my mind quickly turned to other more urgent matters.

Such as how I allowed he to get this close without taking preventive action, or whether she had given me something strange in the food. By now I has a long thick Attention under the pillow I had been thoughtful enough to place over my laps to support my elbows while I ate. I had frozen when she brushed against me so she asked if i needed something.

I noticed how heady her perfume was which only made my JT throb with more insistence. I couldn’t continue eating anymore. I had to dispatch her and do some hardcore wanking before my overcharged dick go wound me. So i told her that I was done and very tired. I told her that i really needed to sleep. She pouted slightly then sluggishly got up and started packing the plates reluctantly. I knew what she wanted, but i also knew that things could get very complicated if I got involved with her.

As she got up from packing the plated my eyes couldn’t help but latch onto her Tips. It took all my self control to not reach out and grab them. Meanwhile she was doing everything possible to delay her departure. She placed the tray on the table, then walked back to get the bottle and and then walked languidly to the fridge. My eyes followed her helplessly as she moved, taking in the wide rolling hips and tantalizingly jiggling ikebe.

She opened the fridge and then bent over to replace the bottle, first hitching up her short skirt to reveal some juicy thigh and spreading her  legs. I couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to grab those mounds of nyash in my hands, part
them wide and plunge my rampaging rod into the juicy sweetness of her steamy Well – canine style. But i stayed put. I didn’t move a muscle. I was determined to avoid trouble at all costs. She finished, stood up and tantalizingly crossed the room again, picked up the tray then turned to me and said she was going. I was just speechless.

She looked meaningfully at the pillow on my laps for about three seconds then finally reluctantly turned to go. I waited until she was in the darkened corridor before I followed her so i could lock my front door. I didn’t want her to see my throbbing schlong. Unfortunately, as I made it into the corridor, PHCN struck plunging everything into darkness.

I expected her to be standing by the front door but she was standing a few paces just outside the bedroom waiting for me to pass her and open the front I unseeingly walked right into her extended rock hard d!ck and all. I heard her gasp in the darkness as she felt the tip of my joystick press into her buttock when we collided.

I heard myself grunt with the pure pleasure of the sensation of her soft flesh yielding to the pressure of my stiff d!ck. She dropped the tray with a crash and stumbled. I reached out, whether to steady her or to grab her, i could no longer tell. As my arm closed around her waist we both lost all control.

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