Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 11

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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Part 11
My lips found hers as her fingers found my boxers. My hands closed on each soft succulent ikebe and squeezed tight as she threw one arm around my neck. Before i could say jack, her tongue was inside my mouth sucking at every thing within reach. The girl don bad finish sha!

She pushed me back towards the room and i eagerly dragged her along her booty bouncing around in my hands as she demolished my lips and tongue. We managed to find the bed in the darkness and i proceeded to strip her stark Unclad. i quickly took off my boxers and sat on the bed then pulled her between my thighs to sit on my swollen dick. Ohhh…. what a sensation as her warm soft nyash swallowed my d!ck deep into the Bottom crack.

The nyash was huge! I grabbed her left bosom and started stroking the Tip while my right hand began to tantalizingly stroke her thigh insides, working my way towards her honey hell I slid two fingers in at once and she gasped and started winding her waist, rubbing my dick head to and fro deep in the Bottom crack. i was in booty heaven. She got up and pushed me down on the bed then knelt down between my legs.

Her lips closed on top of my joyst!ck head and i closed my eyes in bliss as she started sucking it like alypop. 3minutes later she got up and straddled me then leaned forward and put one thick Tip inside my mouth. As i started sucking it she raised her hips high and with one hand guided the tip of my throbbing swollen 8 inch long joyst!ck into her dripping Well. then slowly she slid down the entire length of my pole until all of it was inside her.

It was hot and steamy and tight inside her. i almost dropped the Tip in my mouth from the indescribable pleasure stroking my d!ck as i sighed ‘aaahhhh”. She didn’t waste time and started bleeping me with reckless abandon, dripping Well juice down my pole and balls as she slammed up and down. She was moaning and gasping with this lust soaked voice that was turning me on like nothing else.

When she got tired, she started grinding her Well against my balls. I just held onto her big nyash and concentrated on not Approaching. She had started out with fire and i was determined to bang her until she begged me to stop. This was her round. When she was done displaying he skills, i go start my own.


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