Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 3

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

Incase you missed part 2 read it here.

Part 3
By now all my alarms were going off and I didn’t know what to anticipate so I got up and examined every nook and corner of the room looking for what I didn’t know. As I stood in the middle of the room wondering if this was going to be my lucky day, she emerged from the bathroom and walked up to me with a “look” on her face and made to adjust my tie, then like slow motion she pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips.

Abajo!! I wasted no time in giving her the wettest, deepest, slowest French kiss ever performed on a woman. She went wild and immediately started tearing off my clothes without a word. I grabbed her big nyash and stared kneading it like foofoo.

Two seconds later I was back on the sofa suitless, shirtless and tieless. She knelt in front of me, took off my shoes and began to undo my belt. By then, the long thing I call my d!ck was in torment, straining against my swimming trunks. Madam Janet stripped me completely naked like the day I was born. She took one look at my thick, corrugated, erect throbbing joyst!ck and became breathless. I pulled her closer and raised her dress to dispose her of her panties only to find there was none. So I slipped my large hands under her naked Bottom and she sat astride my laps and we started kissing again.

“I’ve been dreaming of bleeping you,” I whispered as I licked her earlobes. “Don’t talk too much,” she said, “just Bleep me” I undid the zipper at the back of her dress and slipped it off. Then undid her bra as my heart rate doubled. I released her left bosom first. It was the eight wonder of the world. Large and firm and smooth with the largest areola I’ve ever seen in my life.

I squeezed it with both hands and held the Tip up towards her mouth. “Suck it,” I ordered. We took turns sucking her Tip and kissing until it was swollen stiff and thick, then I descended on the second bossom while she moaned with ecstasy. My joyst!ck was already lodged deep in her Bottom crack, throbbing and nodding away and my belly was soaked with her K!tty-Cat juice.

I pushed her to the bed and began to lick her clean shaven K!tty-Cat hungrily, teasing her clit and sucking the labia. She spread her huge thighs wide open and started thrusting her K!tty-Cat against my mouth while moaning loudly. Then I sucked on the tip of her clit and she screamed then wrapped my head completely between her thighs and bossoms as her lush body convulsed in the throes of climax and her swollen K!tty-Cat gushed more juice.

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