Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 5

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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Part 5

Slowly, her foot descended from my besieged privates as she searched through her file for the reports. “Whew!!” I thought, as she got up to walk around the table and place the papers in front of us. I guess I had earlier been so overwhelmed by the afterglow of my too recent romp with bootylicious Jane that I didn’t even notice this sexy

While Janet was large and voluptuous with endowments that swung slowly and heavily as she moved, exuding raw lust appeal, Bimbo was chic, firm and bouncy with big bosoms and firm bubble booty that jutted forward and backward in high definition, restrained and muted by her smart, knee-length skirt suit.

I was suddenly overcome by a maddening desire to take that bouncy butt from behind and make it dance to the rhythm of my plunging rod. “dickson, is something the matter,” I heard Janet ask with some concern in her voice. “I have a slight headache,” I replied hesitantly as I noticed that I had broken out in cold sweat. By then Bimbo had placed a sheet of paper in front of her and was in the process of placing one in-front of me.

She pressed her bossom firmly into my shoulder as she did so but nobody else noticed. “I think I need to get some air,” I said as I stood abruptly and started leaving the table. “Oh… I’m so sorry, I think you’ve overworked yourself,” Janet says cheekily. “Go ahead, we’re almost done here..” “…er not quite,” one of the other men interrupts her.

“You still need to examine some of the prototype products we brought for your approval.” “Bimbo will go get them from her room as soon as soon as we’ve dealt with that last report.” By then I was already out of the conference room and heading upstairs, looking for a balcony where I could catch some breeze and clear my head. I needed to think. See me see yawa oh. This fine babe wan come put sand inside my garri sha.

What if Janet had noticed her indiscretions? But that chic too tight meen!! But what could I do about it? Jane was all the Intimate K!tty-Cat heaven one man could handle and much more and I would have to tread with caution. As these thoughts were chasing themselves around my head, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and to my surprise, Bimbo’s head popped out through the balcony door and she stared right at me with that dare in her eyes.

I froze and stared back at her as she stepped onto the balcony, a perfect combination of poise, confidence and well endowed sex appeal. I took one look at her full bosoms, flat belly, broad hips and shapely legs and my dick lost all self control. I didn’t know when I stammered, “em… sorry… do you have any paracetamol?” “Sorry about your headache,” she replied with a coy smile.

“But I think I might have something for it, if you don’t mind coming with me.” She turned to walk away and the sight of those firm bouncy buttocks dancing up and down instantly stole away all my reasoning ability, I followed her like a sacrificial lamb down the deserted hallway to her room and grabbed her waist, rubbing my nodding joystick against her nyash and feeling for her bossoms through her suit.

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