Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 6

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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Part 6

She giggled and managed to get her door open as I raised her skirt and tugged at her panties. She slammed the door shut and pushed me against it, pulling my head down for a long, wet kiss with one hand and trying to undo my belt buckle with the other.

I eagerly assisted her and in a flash my pants and boxers were on the floor around my ankles and my long thick gnarled rod was in her hand throbbing painfully from the recent ministrations to Janet’s tight d!ck starved K!tty-Cat. I rolled her against the wall beside the door and reached down to raise one of her juicy thighs while she tore open a condom and rolled it down my joyst!ck.

Her skin felt smooth and silky like a new born baby’s and when I grabbed her Bottom cheeks, they were firm and spongy. I lifted the second thigh, raised her up and mindlessly plunged my dick deep into her now dripping Kitty-Cat. Okokobioko!! She gasped like a Hot he goat as my long thing hit the bottom and found her A-spot deep inside.

I started thrusting into her furiously, again and again with my hands firmly clamped onto her succulent nyash and her legs hanging over my arms. She no dull at all! She was thrusting back with equal fury, her arms clamped like a vise around my neck. Her feet were around my buttocks rhythmically pushing against them to hammer my dick deep into her lubricious K!tty-Cat.

Her eyes rolled up into her skull and she was moaning loudly. I kept slamming her sweet K!tty-Cat hard as I whispered in her ear… “you like this huh?” “you asked for it..huh?” “you want me to stop..huh? “Yeaah!.yeeaaah!! .Bleep baby. don’t stop..Bleep… Bleep!!..”

Faster and faster we bleeped until I heard her gasp deeply twice then felt her Kitty-Cat clamp down like a vise on my dick and she started to buck and thrash out of control as the climax took her. I plunged faster and faster, feeling that familiar, delicious tickle building up from the base of my spine and shooting needles of pure ecstasy through the length of my dick.

I hammered it in deep one last time, groaning loudly as I also began to buck, spilling spurt after spurt of Fluid into the condom. Then we both collapsed on the carpet and lay there panting. When we finally caught our breaths, she scrambled to her feet and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up.

I get up slowly, still dazed by what had just transpired. I found some tissue by the bed and wiped myself clean then dressed up again. “Bimbo…” I called to her. “I gotta go. Madam will be wondering where I am.” “There’s no rush,” she called back. “Meeting’s not yet over. They’re waiting for me to bring some things.”

“Then I better go,” I said moving towards the door. Just before I opened the door she stepped out of the bathroom, once again all poise and confidence without a single hair out of place. I looked at her for a few seconds and said, “Thanks… for the paracetamol… that was some paracetamol!”

She giggled as she drew close to me and replied in a low husky voice, “I’m satisfied for now…. but I’m
gonna soon need you to cum Bleep me all night… very soon.” Then she gave me a long kiss as she slipped a note into my pocket. I was too tired and confused to reply, so I just smiled at her and left.

I returned to madam’s suite, undressed showered and promptly fell asleep on the huge bed. I woke up to the sound of the shower running. I
looked at the clock and noted it was already 6p.m. I guessed that would be my landlady though I didn’t know when she came in since I was deeply asleep. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but the image of the water running over her luscious mounds and folds in the shower didn’t let me.

In two seconds my d!ck was fully erect and throbbing insistently. I tried to close my eyes and ignore it because I was hoping to save my strength for what I assumed would be a long night and I wanted to make sure that when it was over, madam would know who was the boss, but my imagination was in high gear.

The image of my own landlady moaning like a slut and tugging at her own erect Tips as I ate out her juicy Well kept tormenting my senses. I couldn’t shut out the remembered taste and feel of her thickly ridged Tips on my tongue, as thick as AA battery and almost half as long. I was in sensual torment, remembering how the warm thick milk filled my mouth as I squeezed those huge firm melons in my hands and teased the Tip with my tongue.

How she gasped like a drowning woman and her K!tty-Cat felt so feverishly hot, oozing warm juices as I plunged into it the first time. I raised my boxer and looked at my long joystick. It was nodding and throbbing like a jack. All the veins were standing out and the head was red and swollen stiff to the limit.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to Bleep madam Janet NOW!! It couldn’t wait one more second. I need to Bleep your fat juicy K!tty-Cat before I wound myself. I got off the bed, walked to the bathroom and tore the door open.

Wonders shall never end!!

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