Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 8

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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Part 8
She was startled to see me coming from their front door at first, then she recognized me and smiled. I smiled back at her and asked about her madam. “ah…! Madam travelled to Abuja yesterday oh.” She replied. “She will be there for another two weeks.” “ehen…. Hope no problem sha?” I asked. “I think she went for some business.” She told me.

I still wasn’t satisfied but I didn’t want to probe further lest I raise any suspicions. “I hardly see u around,” the house girl said. “How are you coping?” she asked. “Do you cook for yourself or you eat out?” “I cook if I’m chanced,” I replied “Ok oh,” she said turning her back to me and walking away, “let me know if you need anything.” “No wahala,” I replied walking towards my apartment. “As madam no dey, I fit give you some service, Abi?” she shot back I froze as the several possible meanings in what she had just said sank in but I just said, “no problem, don’t stress yourself on my account.”

When I got back to my room I decided to take my clothe s to a drycleaner. As i was sorting out my suits and emptying the pockets, a note fell out. I picked it up and saw that it was a phone number. Suddenly, I remembered that Bimbo had slipped something into my pocket after our short wild Bleep. I decided there was no harm in calling her. I was engrossed doing a few things that I put of calling bimbo until much later in the evening.

It was around 7pm when I picked up my phone to call her. It rang thrice before she picked it up. ‘hello, sweet girl’ I cooed, ‘how is it going’ But it was a man’s voice that replied, ‘who is this?’ I was taken aback but quickly composed myself and asked, ‘who am I speaking with please? I’d like to speak with bola please’ ‘I am Mr. Bugun,’ he replied. ‘you want to speak with bola or bimbo?’ he asked ‘Bola! I want to speak with bola,’ I stonewalled. ‘sorry, wrong number,’ he said and abruptly cut the connection.

‘Wheeew!!’ I whistled with relief. I didn’t know what just happened but I knew I had just dodged a bullet. Who was that?! Her husband or boyfriend, or neighbor? He had sounded dark and threatening like a man who suspects his partner of doing some cheating. All the same, relief or not I felt really disappointed. I already had a halfway Attention just from the thought of hooking up with Bimbo again and now I couldn’t for the life of me imagine how I was going to get some action this weekend.

There was just no way I was going to call that number again. I wasn’t about to get killed over a woman. There was no power and It was getting hot inside the room so I went outside to put on my small generator. Not long after I came in, I heard a knock on my window. I pulled back the blinds and looked out to see Madam Janet’s house girl. ‘Hello,’ I said. ‘Is there any problem?’ ‘Noo..No problem sir,’ she replied.

‘I wanted to know if you’ve eaten.’ ‘I told not to worry about me,’ I said. ‘I haven’t eaten but I will take something soon.’ ‘I make too much food and I don’t want to throw it away,’ she said, looking at me expectantly. ‘Ok, give me some,’ I said after a few seconds. ‘but next time don’t bother about me oh.’

‘let me go and serve it,’ she replied and left. After about 25 mins there was a knock on the door. ‘come in,’ I said. She carried the food in on a tray and stood by the door waiting. I had not yet furnished my living room so I did everything in my bedroom. I saw her hesitating so I called her to bring it to the bedroom.

I was sitting on the bed when she came in. She had a wrapper tied around her waist and was wearing a tight t-shirt that was too short to cover her belly button. I also was uncomfortably aware of the Tips on her medium perky bosoms straining against the shirt and realized she had no bra on. I quickly asked her to get a small plastic stool from the corner a place the tray on it.


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