Real Life Story: My Delicious Landlady 9

My Delicious Landlady

My Delicious Landlady

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She turned around and placed the tray on the reading table, then went to get the stool. I couldn’t help but notice her sizable ikebe rolling up and down as she walked and when she bent over to pick up the stool, the wrapper rode up a little revealing a little of the back and insides of her knees and thighs.

They were lush and heavy, compared with her slimmer upper body. A vision of my body lodged between those thick juicy laps came unbidden to my thoughts and I noticed with some consternation that I felt some fullness between my legs. I was wearing only boxers and I hoped that she wouldn’t see my growing Attention. I opened my legs a little wider to stretch the boxers material and hide my disobedient d!ck, as she placed the stool in front of me. She now got the tray and stooped to place it on the stool.

That’s when it happened. As she bent, her un-bra-ed bosoms were directly in front of me – Tips and all. It was just too much to take. My joystick went full length and rock hard without warning, straining against my futile attempts to hide it under my stretched boxers. I dared not look down for fear of what I would see. As she got up and glanced at my face, I noticed that her eyes had become a little unfocused and she now looked away and around with some uncertainty and confusion. I now realized that she had seen my turgid schlong.

But she simply stood there, looking away from me and asked; “you need anything else?” “no, thanks,” I replied carefully. “you’ve done too much already, I really appreciate this.” ‘ok ooh… ‘ she said, beginning to walk out of the bedroom. ‘even if you need another thing I know you won’t ask…’. ‘I will come back later for the plates.’ I just sat there for a few seconds shaking my head in wonder.

What exactly did she mean by that? Was she teasing me, or was that an invitation? I had to be really careful with this one. I didn’t want to end up getting thrown out of my apartment before I had even settled in properly. I heard my front door close and I roused myself and began to eat. It was really tasty and I had to admit she was a good cook. Halfway through the meal I got up and changed into a tighter pair of pants.

I didn’t want her to embarrass me again when she came for the plates. She didn’t return that night, so the next morning I washed them and left them at my front door for her to pick up as I had to leave very early and would return late at night. When I returned that night, I was so tired I just wanted to drop into my bed and sleep but had taken only a late breakfast all day and was very hungry.

After undressing I switched off the lights and dropped into bed when I heard someone knocking on my door. It was almost ten pm. I went to open the door and there was madam Janet’s house girl standing there with a tray. I just stood there for a few seconds looking at her and feeling the fog in my brain thickening with exhaustion “I made dinner for you,” she said simply.

I sheepishly stood aside and let her pass with the tray. I looked around to make sure none of the neighbors was observing and closed the door. By the time I got to the bedroom she had already set the tray on the plastic stool and was sitting at the edge of the table. I was so hungry and the aroma from the food was so good that I simply smiled my thanks at her and started to eat.

After a while she started to ask about my work and we made some small talk. She got up and walked about the room commenting on some of my pictures on the wall. She finally ended up sitting at the edge of the bed beside me, watching as I ate. By then, the fog had cleared from my brain a little and I could now perceive that she smelt nice.

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