Son Of Ex-Minister Reportedly Buys N900Million Super Car Just For Racing And Stunt

N900Million Super Car

A Facebook user, Geo Uguru, has alleged that Abdullahi Bala, a 25-year-old son of former federal capital territory minister with no known means of livelihood, Bala Mohammed, just bought a $3m (N900m) 2016 McLaren super luxury car, for racing and stunts.
N900Million Super Car

Read the report below as posted by him: KONTINU THE LAME SUPPORT! Abdullahi Bala, 25yr old son of former federal capitñal territory minister, Bala Mohammed, just bought a $3m (N900m) 2016 McLaren super Luxury car, for racing and stunts. Abdullahi Bala, is the president of CORSA motor Sports Club of Abuja. CORSA is an umbrella body of wealthy Nigerians with robust interest in car racing and vehicle stunt performances.

The car though attracts an import duty of N120m, but the bobo played a fast one with some disgruntled elements in the customs and cleared the car with about N300,000. But unknown to them, things have changed. So the car has been impounded, and bobo was nabbed, and later released on bail to go and get the balance of N119.7m, before he begins to explain to us how he got such money.

Abdullahi Bala and one of his rides with “Corsa” number plate You see? A boy of 25yrs without any known means of livelihood, bought a car of N900m, just N100m short of N1b, but you that cannot afford T-fare from Ikeja to CMS to go and submit your CV, is daily on social media and on the street, supporting them for looting this country dry and flaunting it on your face. Shame on those that support Treasury Looters.

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