Watch Amazing Video By Nigerian Singer, Uwaifo Titled “Hillary Fighting For Us”

Hillary Fighting For Us

Hillary Fighting For Us

Uwaifo_D_UFO, real names Uwaifo Williams Aituae, is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, born 20th of March in the ancient city of Benin, Edo state Nigeria. Uwaifo_D_UFO was formerly known by the stage name Williepro but felt the need to have an indigenous touch to his brand, hence the name Uwaifo_D_UFO. He’s a brand expert who has the dream of someday re-branding the world. He did the song “Hillary fighting for us” for US presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, because he believes whatever decision is been taken by the POTUS has a reverberating effect on the rest of the world including Nigeria, hence the need to have a sane humane leader in the person of Hillary Clinton, who would look out for world peace rather than strife, which is what her opponent Donald .J. Trump is preaching.




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