Who Is A Wife Material?

Wife Material

Wife Material

EbonyLife TV series, “Men’s Corner,” is a talk show with an all-male ensemble, and a female clap back.

“Men’s Corner” is an unhinged, unrestricted talk show for men, strictly for late night viewing, hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Andrew Blaze and Mazino Appeal.

The new episode focuses on wives material.” On the Episode, the team discusses who a “wife material” is, and what qualities are expected from prospective “wives”.

It also features the friendly neighbours who also air their views on the topic, making different citations from cooking, being good in Bed, attractive and so much more.

The series features three young, good looking and articulate men air their opinions strongly on various topics ranging from Sports, to women, to cars, flirting, politics, alcohol, sex etc.

It is a relaxed atmosphere with male banter all around and easy conversation to lure the audience in and make them feel like a part of a gossip team.


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